Colm McClements Consultant

I am an independent consultant specialized in development and governance.

I work as expert, adviser, trainer and facilitator – often combining these roles as the client requires. For nearly twenty years I have worked at policy, programme, strategy and project levels on issues related to human development and governance in its broadest sense.

  • Territorial: regional, local, urban, interregional, cross-border.
  • Sectoral: economic, social and labour market
  • Institutional/organizational: learning and development, human resource development, public administration reform
  • Monitoring and Evaluation: project, programmes

I lead and participate in teams of highly competent, creative and honest international professionals who share my values and enthusiasm for facilitating positive change and development and who work to the highest ethical standards. Over the years I have built up a strong network of select partners across Europe and Asia with whom I have developed innovative solutions and knowhow.

In all of our work we remain relevant to client requirements and original and creative in proposing solutions to complex problems. We work efficiently and effectively to get results which enable and sustain change.